I initially got interested in "System Design" videos which Ramon posted on YouTube, that is when I learned about his coaching service which turned out to be greater than something I hoped because I've always wanted to bring my career to the next level, but i didn't know how/what to improve.  During three sessions with Ramon, I had gained so much fresh perspectives!  The best part was that Ramon always had specific customized action items for me to follow through.  I needed those concrete examples and clear guideline in order for me to 'unstuck' from the state I was in.

I highly recommend Ramon's coaching sessions to anyone who wants to reflect  on his/her career path!  


Your videos are awesome! I am a VP of Engineering at a small company and going for an Engineering Manager position at Google. I need to pass the tech interview and your videos are instrumental in my prepartion. I have been found your videos extremely well done, easy to understand and valuable. 

If I land this job, I owe you a HUGE thank you! Even if I don't, your videos are outstanding and will help many - I know I have learned a lot.


Setup of the interview was good. Clear and concise. I like how you challenged a few of the architecture decisions and built different questions on the foundation of the Instagram conversation.  

Got the offer at Google!