Do you feel lost preparing for interviews?

Do you feel you're not making enough progress in your career?

Do you hit roadblocks communicating with your manager or colleagues?

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Land your dream job package - RELOADED

After REfining this program with a closed group of People, I'm happy to offer this package to you. If you are currently in the deciding weeks before your interviews, this is for you!

  • 2 x 50min-depth preparation session via Skype.
    • We will focus exactly on the areas you have to improve

    • After analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, I will give you detailed plan on how to improve, custom-made for you.
  • 1 x 50min mock interview
    • A realistic mock interview via Skype
    • Technical aspects (algorithms and system design)
    • Behavioral questions (situational, company culture...)
  • 1 x Detailed written feedback about the mock interview
    • Motivating and constructive
    • Including action items for you to further improve
  • 1 x PDF containing a set of behavioral/situational interview questions and answers
    • This is tailored to the company and role you are applying for
    • During the preparation sessions we will cover those questions and you we will come up with a cohesive story for you to tell. This is not about inventing fake stories of your past but to select the right messaging for you to tell in an interview situation.
    • I will review your answers and give you feedback on them

At the time of writing there is a short wait list as I can only coach a handful of people besides my regular full time job. I hope you understand.

All of this, for a limited time: USD 490.00


Tech career consultation

If you are a software or web developer, qa Engineer, data scientist or technical project manager and you want to advance your career - I can help out. 

This program spans over multiple weeks because I want to know as much as possible about the challenges you face and the goals you want to reach.

  • 4 x 50min consultations
    • Depending your situation we will develop a set of topics we want to cover in weekly or bi-weekly sessions
    • This is not a generic self-improvement program. Together we will make you better engineer and a smarter professional.
    • There will be action items for you. These are things which can push you out of your comfort zone but will make you grow as a human.
    • You can ask for advice, you can tell me about problems and issues. This can be a way for you to process what you experience in your daily work.
  • 1 x 50min mock session
    • This mock session can simulate a promotion review, technical presentation etc.
    • This will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders when it comes to the real life situation you are about to walk into
    • You can improve greatly before doing the I will give you constructive feedback about your performance.
  • 1 x PDF career growth plan
    • This covers all the topics we talked about
    • A step by step plan to bring you closer to your career goals

You can book this extensive consultation package for USD 790.00


Custom coaching and mentoring

Are you interested in long-term coaching? Group sessions? Immediate preparation needs? 

Reach out to me, we can definitely find a solution.